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Rooted in Classic Service. Defined By Modern Results.

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At Ruby Truck Line, we’ve learned what goes into great service with over 25 years in business.

After all, we’re just a collection of dependent individuals made stronger as a whole. Come and see for yourself.

    Our Principles

  • If we can’t conduct business with fairness and integrity, it’s not worth doing.
  • A job well done is our minimum standard.
  • Shortcuts are a quick trip to failure - we’re in it for the long haul.
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Ruby Truck Line was started in 1997 by Manuel Penner with a few trucks and a whole lot of ideas.

Over 25 years later, those ideas have turned into a bustling, responsive, and adaptive company that is pushing forward in Manitoba’s transportation sector.

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Our Method

Headquartered in the centre of Canada, Ruby Truck Line enjoys prime positioning and pristine sunsets – just ask anybody from the Prairies. We work hard, play fair, and don’t stop until the job is done. It’s how those before us ran things, and we don’t see any reason to quit now.

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We know that safety is paramount – people are too valuable to put in harm’s way, and we make sure that equipment is maintained to the highest standards. In our own shop, top-tier qualified mechanics make sure the job is done right the first time and on time.

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It’s all too common for businesses to say one thing and deliver another. We can’t stand that either. Our word is only as good as our action, and we won’t hide if things get tough. We’re not perfect, but you can rest assured that we’ll always make it right. Isn’t that more refreshing than hearing promises you know can’t be kept?

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Our Company

With 40 company and owner/operator trucks, moving freight is a team effort. To make things a little easier, we also have a three-stall dock, a small warehouse, and modern office facilities.

    We continually
    ask ourselves a
    few things:

    What are we bringing to the industry that no other company can or will do? What sets us apart? How can we improve our strengths and fix our weaknesses? Ultimately, our customers benefit.

  • Van Freight

    We specialize in van freight across the continent, though we can do custom work as needed. If it fits in a big box, give us a call! Our equipment is maintained on-site, kept in a fenced and monitored facility, and tracked when away.

  • Cross-Docking

    Our facility in Steinbach gives us the pleasure of being able to serve your cross-docking needs, just give us a call to discuss rates and services. Please note that CTPAT carriers are preferred and all cross-docking is done by our staff.

  • Team Service

    Sometimes, a regular pace just does not cut it – talk to us about our team services! Our safe and experienced teams make sure that your goods get moved quickly and properly.

  • Canada, USA, Mexico

    Ruby Truck Line has the ability to move freight all over Canada, the USA, and Mexico. Using our equipment and trusted long-term partners, we make sure that your goods get where they need to be as quick as possible.

Rates Request and Freight Booking.

Get efficient, safe transport of your goods across Canada, the USA, and Mexico. Call us for a quote or to book your load.

We want to hear
from you.

Whether you’re looking for a freight quote or a new driving job, filling out this form will get you in contact with the right person.

We want to hear
from you.

Whether you’re looking for a freight quote or a new driving job, filling out this form will get you in contact with the right person.